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Easy to distribute work, no more excel sheets to maintain. Easy to follow up, one page to see team performance. Support is completely amazing, everyone I have dealt with is very helpful and very friendly.

Pardeep Thakur

Design & Printing (New Delhi, India)

This is more than brilliant! Installing this support system was incredibly easy and the configuration and usability scores 10 out of 10 from me. This really is excellent. Thanks guys!

Glynis Cole

E-Commerce (Brighton, Australia)

Automate funnel movement
If a leads move between stages it creates history. where user can see age of the lead in number of days and which stage hold lead and what time.

Send instant sales notifications
If a lead in the nurturing path takes a sales-relevant action, the system sends a notification to the sales person, making sure that the right leads get immediate attention.

Create inter-dependent workflows
Create workflows that work in-sync to automate complex business processes. For ex: When a lead moves down the sales funnel, multiple nurturing paths can get triggered automatically.
Help Desk / Support Tickets System

Generate or schedule reports to help you spot bottlenecks, recognize performance, track customer happiness, monitor service standards, Prioritize work easily using filters to sort issues by importance or any relevant ticket property and save ticket views for future use. Show contextual information to agents on tickets by integrating all the tools you use like.

it helps businesses track accounts payable (AP) and receivable (AR), close the books efficiently, generate financial reports, comply with revenue recognition standards, mitigate financial risk, and more.
Sourcing and procurement

It helps businesses procure the materials and services they need to manufacture their goods – or the items they want to resell. The module centralises and automates purchasing, including requests for quotes, contract creation, and approvals. It can minimise underbuying and overbuying, improve supplier negotiations with AI-powered analytics, and even seamlessly connect with buyer networks.

It helps reps use data-driven insights to increase sales and target leads with the right promotions and upsell opportunities.

Logistics and supply chain management

It tracks the movement of goods and supplies throughout an organisation’s supply chain. The module provides tools for real-time inventory management, warehousing operations, transportation and logistics.

It helps companies deliver the reliable, personalised service customers have come to expect. The module can include tools for in-house repairs, spare parts, field service management, and service-based revenue streams. It also provides analytics to help service reps and technicians rapidly solve customer issues and improve loyalty.


Integrate BizOfficer with all your favorite apps and synchronize your data as centralized system. The main purpose of this is to achieve integrality of data.
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