Feature Rich and Hassle Free Lead Management System

Map your entire lead management process from capture till conversion
Lead Capture Automation
Lead Capture
Automate lead capture from all sources and cut your lead leakage to zero
Email Integration
Email Integration
Sync your email inbox with Bizofficer to capture all prospect conversations
Lead Qualification
Lead Qualification
Use lead quality and activity scoring to identify and chase the best leads first
Lead Distribution
Lead Distribution
Assign leads to relevant sales people automatically, based on any rules you set
Task and Reminders
Sales Tasks
Automatically set tasks for your sales people based on lead actions
Sales Alerts
Sales Alerts
Notify salespeople whenever their leads take an important action
Sales Tracking
Sales Tracking
Track everything - your salespeople, their performance and revenue
Source Tracking
Source Tracking
Identify the lead generation sources working the best for you
Mobile CRM
Mobile CRM
Simple mobile CRM to run your entire field sales operations

Cut your lead leakage to zero

Capture all your online and offline leads

Capture your online leads

Capture leads from all your online channels - paid ads, social media, chat, webinar and more.

Capture your offline leads

Capture phone calls as leads and upload leads from offline channels like events etc. in csv format.

Capture leads from third party websites

Seamlessly capture leads from websites like JustDial, Shiksha, CommonFloor and others.
Automatically capture leads from PPC ads

Stop wasting time on junk leads

Focus your sales efforts on leads that meet your qualification criteria

Customize your lead qualification criteria

Assign high scores to specific lead attributes. Create custom lead fields or activities, and use them to qualify leads.

Visualize your sales funnel

Know exactly where the leads are in your sales funnel. Check the sales for this quarter, the pipeline for this month and more.

Spot the top and under-performers

Monitor sales performance with ease. Identify the sales stars, and the under-performers lagging behind on targets.

Lead distribution

BizOfficer CRM distribute and assign leads automatically to sales team on specific conditions.

Tasks and reminders

Alert sales people and set up tasks for them as soon as their leads take any notable action.

Ex: As soon as a prospect clicks on a “Call me back” link, you can automatically alert the salesperson chasing him, and set up a task for him to call the prospect.

Email integration

Sync your and your team’s email inbox with Bizofficer. The entire email exchange between your team and their prospects gets tracked, so that no query gets lost. Make sure that all marketing and sales communication matches your quality standards.

Source performance

Always know how your different lead generation sources are performing in terms of getting you high quality leads. Identify the best and worst lead sources, and allocate marketing budgets wisely.

Our sales team knows exactly which leads to contact first

“Bizofficer has put us in complete control of our leads. It’s easy to track them, share information between teams and follow up in a timely manner. The sales team is also much more efficient, because they know exactly which leads to contact first.”

Carlene Whitehead

Marketing, Storm Internet

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